Product Key Features

Browser/Device Restriction

Administrators can control from which Laptops & Computers your Associates can access their Google Workspace account from.

IP Restriction

Administrators can Control Associates’s access to their account from office premises only.

Password Policy Control

Administrators can control the password strength and life time of a password.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator is integrated to provide Multi Factor Authentication with nCapsule.

Product Features

In a connected world, security is our biggest asset. And in current times, with employees working from home and connecting remotely, ensuring that they access enterprise applications and interact securely can play a big role in building resilience in your business. nCapsule is a Security Solution for Google Workspace Customers who are looking for tighter data security and productivity of their Enterprise within their network & devices(Laptops & Computers). nCapsule helps to encapsulate their enterprise data within their network by restricting users to login only from their Network defined by the Administrator of the Organization. Enterprises can implement nCapsule to achieve their data encapsulation with in their network and devices(Laptop & Computers). Below are the List of Features of nCapsule.

Browser / Device Locking

This feature of nCapsule helps Google Workspace Customers to restrict their enterprise users to log into their organization Device (Laptops & Desktops) only, Users will not be able to log into Devices which are not registered to their Organization. This helps organizations to be more secure and restricts them to access the Organization Data only over their organization devices.

IP Restriction

nCapsule helps Google Workspace Customers across the world to protect their enterprise data from unauthorized access with this feature. This Feature will allow administrators to control the enterprise users to access their account only from the enterprise network (Organization Public IP Address) defined by the Administrator of the organization.

Multi Factor Authentication

With this feature Administrators can enable and enforce Multi Factor Authentication for users of their Organization. nCapsule supports Google Authenticator App for the Multi Factor Authentication. Google Authenticator App setup on Users Android and IOS Phones will generate a Secret Code which has to be provided to the Login process as a second layer of Authentication to access their Google Workspace account. The Feature makes the User account very safe and secure, this feature assures that no other person other than the user who has access to their personal password and the particular user’s Phone’s Google Authenticator App can only access the account.

Password Policy Control

nCapsule User’s password policy can be controlled centrally from the Admin Console by the Administrator of the Organization. Admins can now define the Number of Capital Letters, Numeric Characters, Special Characters and Minimum number of characters needed to be in the password of the users. Also Admins can enforce users to reset their password on a particular frequency of days automatically.

Corporate Announcement in Login page

This Feature helps the Organization to make announcements to their associates when they Login to Google Workspace. Administrators can design the Corporate Announcement that they need to announce to their associate as a image just like the Background image of the login card as show in Customized Login Page section and replace them with your organization announcement image designed by your Design Team.

Customized Login Page

Google Workspace Customers can have a custom login page and have their own organization Logo placed in the Login Card as shown in the below image, This allows the customer to have a more personalized touch in their Google Workspace Login screen.


$10 / User / Year

  • Browser/Device Locking
  • IP Restriction
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Password Policy Control
  • Corporate Announcement in Login page
  • Customized Login Page

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